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Transportation & Parking reminders

The Operations & Facilities Management Department is sending a reminder to the WUSM community about transportation and parking options on the Medical Campus.

Discounted Daily Parking for Employee Non-Parking Permit Holders

Faculty, staff, and students have the option to purchase a discounted debit card (at a rate of $5 per day) for occasional parking. To buy a debit card, please visit the Clayton Taylor Garage attendant’s booth located at 4485 Clayton Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110, with a valid WUSM ID badge.

After-Hours and Weekend Parking
Parking for WUSM faculty, staff, and students working after-hours, weekends, and holidays are typically provided free of charge in the Clayton Garage. However, after-hours parking can never be used to park in WUSM garages and lots during the Monday through Friday business day. Valid after-hours in the Clayton Garage are currently Monday through Friday at 2 pm – 6 am and all day on weekends or holidays.

Carpool Parking

Carpool parking is offered in the Clayton Garage and on select surface lots as availability allow. A garage specific access card or surface lot specific permit will be issued at the time of registration. After registration, all demographic information is forwarded to RideFinders to secure the RideFinder Guaranteed Ride Home benefit in case of an emergency. The carpool program prohibits more than one vehicle at a time in/on a WUSM parking facility utilizing a parking access card or permit.

It is the responsibility of all carpool participants to notify the Facilities Integrated Service Center (FISC) when leaving WUSM employment,  taking a leave of absence, or changing the registered riders in a carpool.

To register for carpool parking, please visit the FISC on the First Floor of the Spencer T. Olin Residence Hall, 4550 Scott Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110.

For more information on parking and transportation options, please visit

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