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Traffic control plans – steamline installation

Traffic adjustments due to the NRB Steamline Installation Project. Traffic control plans for each phase are also attached for reference.

– Phase 1 – Newstead at Daycare Parking Lot; traffic concept maintained with one way traffic: 7/27/20 to 8/7/20.
– Phase 2 – Exit from Duncan Parking Garage; traffic concept maintained with narrowed lane: 8/10/20, 8/11/20, 8/14/20.
– Phase 3 – Exit from Duncan Parking Garage closed and diverted: 8/12/20 to 8/13/20.
Installation of the temporary construction fence on the north side of the Busch Lot will be on 8/3/2020.

Please direct any questions to Mitch Snyder, Senior Project Manager.

Categories: Facilities Operations Update