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Electric vehicle (EV) charging in Metro Garage

The recent use of non-signed outlets by EV users has been causing power outages in the Metro garage. Only signed outlets are designed for vehicle charging. Misuse of assets may also result in damage to the facility’s infrastructure. Use of unsigned outlets is prohibited. Future violations will result in ticketing, and future violations may require restitution for damages to the infrastructure.

If you are an EV parker, you may access (when charging) spaces on the 3rd-floor parking level in the Metro Garage. On this level, two spots are signed and should only be used to charge electric vehicles. Non-electric vehicles parking in these spaces will also be ticketed.
Additional EV parking and charging stations are available in the Clayton Taylor Garage. EV parkers who move from Metro to Clayton Taylor may do so at the Clayton Taylor Reduced Employee Rate until June 30, 2021.

If you are interested in purchasing an EV permit for the Clayton Garage, please visit the FISC Desk or email


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