Renard Hospital, Barnard Hospital, Wohl Clinic, Wohl Hospital, Clinical Sciences Research Building, CSRB North Tower Addition, McDonnell Pediatric Research Building-Electric Service Interruption 3/7/2021

The purpose of this outage is to replace several of the Main Utility breakers in the CSR Substation. This work is being done to ensure that the CSR Substation can continue to provide safe and reliable utility power to the buildings that it serves. During the outage time listed above, all normal power for HVAC equipment, receptacle power, and lighting will be off in the following buildings/areas from 7:00am – 11:00am:

  • Renard Hospital – All floors.
  • Wohl Clinic – Basement, and about half of the Chromalloy area.
  • Wohl Hospital – All floors, including Cyclotron area.
  • Clinical Science Research – All floors.
    The generators for each building will run to provide power to any equipment, receptacles and lighting connected to emergency power.
    The remainder of the buildings affected will be single lined to one utility in order to avoid any power interruptions. The buildings/areas listed below should not experience any loss of power:
  • Barnard Hospital– All floors
  • Wohl Clinic – 1st through PH
  • McDonnell Pediatrics – All floors
  • Clinical Sciences Research Building North Tower Addition – All floors