East Building, Olin Residence Hall, 4511 Forest Park, Bernard Becker Medical Library, Couch Biomedical Research Building, Core@718, 4522 McKinley, Biotechnology Center, East Imaging Center, 620 S Taylor-Elevator Service Interruption 4/26/2021-4/30/2021

Elevators in these buildings will be out of service for about 2 to 4 hours in anyone day between April 26th 7am through April 30th 3:30pm to conduct annual inspections as required by the Elevator Safety Unit of the Missouri Department of Public Safety. The elevators will be selected on a priority basis depending on customer needs and technical requirements.
No 47 East/N
No 48 East/S
No 45 Olin/N
No 46 Olin/S
No 106 4511 Forest Park
No 107 4511 Forest Park
No 41 Medical Library/N
No 42 Medical Library/S
No 123 Couch Bio Med
No 124 Couch Biomedical
No 125 Couch Biomedical
No 35 Core @ 718 S. Euclid Ave.
No 126 EH & S
No 127 EH & S
No 51 Bio-Tech/E
No 52 Bio-Tech/W
No 49 MRI
No 130 TAB Expansion