East McDonnell Facility, Clayton Garage, Metro Garage 5/19/2021-5/21/2021

Elevators in these buildings will continue being tested on standby power on Wednesday, May 19, Thursday, May 20 or Friday, May 21 from 6 am to 7 am. The elevators will be selected on a priority basis depending on customer needs and technical requirements. While testing the elevators on emergency power, they will not be in service.

No 81 SRE East/SE (Pass.)
No 54 EMD/SW (Pass.) (Clean)
No 55 EMD/SE (Pass.) (Clean)
No 56 EMD/NW (Dirty)
No 57 EMD/North (Tunnel)
No 58 Clayton Garage/SE (South)
No 59 Clayton Garage/SW (South)
No 60 Clayton Garage/S (North)
No 61 Clayton Garage/N (North)
No 93 WUMS Metro Garage
No 94 WUMS Metro Garage