Facilities Operations Update

Demolition of connection between Rand Johnson and Queeny Tower

Sent on behalf of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Startying July 14th and continuing into September, contractors will demolish the 12-story connection between Rand Johnson and Queeny Tower (see photo). Demolition of this area will start each morning at 7am and conclude at 3 pm, Monday-Friday. (As a reminder, demolition contractors are on site from 6 am to 11 pm, Monday-Saturday and are working in other areas during those hours.)

A permanent wall was constructed at the connection to Rand Johnson on every floor, which will buffer some of the noise. However, it may be noisy and cause vibration at times. Watch demolition here.

Questions can be directed to the following:
• Todd Waalkes, Kadean, 314-221-1835 or TWaalkes@kadean.com
• Justin Breig, BJC Planning, Design & Construction, 314-323-2317 or Justin.Breig@bjc.org