Facilities Operations Update

Sidewalk replacements on Clayton and Taylor Avenues

Starting on September 14th public realm upgrades will begin for tiers 2 and 3 which include sidewalk replacement for both Clayton and Taylor. The aerial view shows the sections in order of replacement. This may change depending on final discussions with CID and Barnes Lodge. When replacing the sidewalks, we will need 10′ of space in the street for both excavation and pouring concrete. This will effectively remove one lane from the street and impact traffic flow, including the buses on their way to the station. It should only affect one bus stop, # 8532. The reduction of one lane per section will have an minimal impact on traffic.

Barricades will be set on both ends of each sidewalk section during replacement for redirection of pedestrian foot traffic. We anticipate the replacement of the four different sections to span the course of 3.5 weeks, September 14th – October 8th, weather dependent.
Section 4 will also call for the closure of the Clayton/Taylor Garage southern sidewalk. All foot traffic will be redirected to enter/exit from the west side of the garage during the closure.


Section 1: September 14th – 17th
Section 2: September 20th – 29th
Section 3: September 30th – October 5th
Section 4: October 5th – 8th

For any questions, please contact Engineering Project Manager, Antwoine Feaman.