Steven & Susan Lipstein BJC Institute of Health-Electric Service Interruption 9/16/2021

In support of the controls upgrade project for the B120 ABSL3 suite in the basement vivarium, an electrical outage is necessary to allow contractors to make new tie-ins to several electrical panels in the building. In addition, OFMD will also be completing preventative maintenance on equipment serving the basement vivarium.

• There will be periods of intermittent supply air and exhaust air to the basement vivarium including the B120 ABSL3 suite. During this outage, research with hazardous materials should not be performed in basement vivarium. Fume hood sashes should be closed and not used.

• There will also be periods of intermittent exhaust air to the 8th floor FACS core (rooms 8508, 8509, 8510, 8511, 8512, and 8513).

• The supply air units for the basement vivarium will be off intermittently on September 16th 3:00am-6:00am during this outage. Space temperature and humidity for the basement vivarium will be minimally impacted during the outage.

• The supply and exhaust airflow to the B120 ABSL3 suite will be off intermittently September 16th 3:00am-6:00am during this outage. No work may occur in the B120 ABSL3 suite during this outage.