CANCELLED-CSRB North Tower Addition, McDonnell Pediatric Research Building- Elevator Service Interruption 10/29/2021

Elevators in these buildings will be tested on standby power on Friday, October 29 from 5 am to 7 am. The elevators will be selected on a priority basis depending on customer needs and technical requirements. While testing the elevators on emergency power, they will not be in service. As a precautionary measure, no work may occur in the NTA 4th floor ABSL3 suites or MPRB BSL3 suites (7230, 7301, 7303, 7230) during this outage.

No 1 CSRB-NTA/SW (Pass.)
No 2 CSRB-NTA/SE (Pass.)
No 3 CSRB-NTA/CW (Clean)
No 4 CSRB-NTA/CE (Clean)
No 5 CSRB-NTA/NW (Dirty)
No 73 Pediatric/SE
No 74 Pediatric/NE
No 75 Pediatric/NW (Service)
No 76 Pediatric/SW