Facilities Operations Update

Holiday notice from Central Mail & Receiving – please be conscious when placing perishable orders for the New Year’s Holiday – reminder

The WUSM Receiving docks will be closed for the New Year Holiday on Friday, December 31st, and Monday, January 3rd; however, most delivery services will be open and making deliveries to businesses on these days. FedEx, UPS, and the other delivery services know that WUSM docks will be closed and will not attempt to deliver to us on December 31st and January 3rd.

It is Very Important That Labs Not Place Orders For Perishables To Be Delivered On December 31st and January 3rd because those items will not be delivered to the WUSM docks until Tuesday, January 4th and the delivery companies have no way of storing refrigerated or frozen items over that period.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Smith, Manager, Mail and Receiving Services at 314-362-8014.