Facilities Operations Update

Kingshighway lane closure and Barnes-Jewish Plaza lane shift – reminder

Sent on behalf of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Effective December 30th: lane shift on Barnes-Jewish Plaza

Contractors are finishing work to construct a new eastbound lane on Barnes-Jewish Plaza from Kingshighway. Effective Thursday, December 30th, the new lane will open, and all traffic lanes will shift. Three westbound and one eastbound lane will be retained. While there is little impact, there is a slight difference in traffic pattern. Team members are encouraged to avoid Barnes-Jewish Plaza and consider alternate routes.

January 7th-9th: lane closure on Kingshighway

The Kingshighway skyline will change in early January with the addition of a 155-foot tower crane on the construction site at Kingshighway and Barnes-Jewish Plaza.

Starting early afternoon on Friday, January 7th, contractors will close one lane of northbound Kingshighway to facilitate delivery and construction of the tower crane on the Campus Renewal project site (see map). The lanes will remain closed through the weekend, reopening at the end of the day on Sunday, January 9th. Two lanes of northbound Kingshighway will remain open.

Planning was coordinated by the construction team with BJC and Barnes-Jewish Hospital departments of planning, design & construction, public safety, facilities, risk management, and emergency.
The crane installation will be postponed by a week if weather conditions deem the work unsafe.

Recommended travel routes

The Tower Grove/Boyle Ave. ramps on Highway 40/Interstate 64, one exit east of Kingshighway, provide a convenient alternative to Kingshighway and Barnes-Jewish Plaza for team members to access parking, including the Plaza Garage. These exits were constructed to ease traffic for patients and visitors. Please consider the patient experience when choosing your route to and from work each day.

Questions can be directed to Justin Breig, BJC project manager, at 314-323-2317.

Campus Renewal video updates

Be sure to visit the Campus Renewal website for videos, photos and stories about construction of the new inpatient tower at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Watch some Sights and sounds of construction and a project update.