McDonnell Pediatric Research Building, CSRB North Tower Addition, Clinical Sciences Research Building, Wohl Clinic, Wohl Hospital, Renard Hospital, Barnard Hospital-Electric Service Interruption 3/16/2022

This will be the 2nd of 2 outages needed to perform the required work. The purpose of this outage is to replace several of the Utility Feeder Breakers in the CSR Substation. We will need to de-energize one of the two utilities distributed out of this substation to safely perform this work. To do this we will be switching in the buildings served by the CSR Substation to the utility feed ‘D’ which will remain energized. This work is being done to ensure that the CSR Substation can continue to provide safe and reliable utility power to the buildings that it serves. These buildings will be switched to a single electrical feed the ‘D’ feed, so that the ‘W’ feed can be de-energized. All buildings will remain ‘single lined’ on the ‘D’ feed until the following morning, when they will be switched back to the normal operation with both ‘D’ and ‘W’ utility feeds. During the Switching process, WOH, REN, Chromalloy, the Cyclotron, and CSRB will likely see a brief loss of power (or blip), but should continue to have power as normal while the substation is being worked on. PEDs, NTA, WOC, and BAR are capable of being switched without any interruptions of power, and should not see any power loss or blips.