Facilities Operations Update

BJC Institute of Health Vertical Expansion – Wohl Circle Closure – April 11, 2022 thru late 2023

On Monday, April 11, Alberici Healthcare, LLC will be closing Wohl Circle. (see diagram) The closure will alter pedestrian and vehicular traffic in Wohl Circle.

East Side of Wohl Circle

At the closure, Alberici will be extending the construction job site fence into Wohl Circle closing the drive, parking spaces and sidewalks from the CSRB soffit area, south to the overhead link between BJCIH and CSRB (East side of Wohl Circle). As a result, pedestrian and vehicular traffic in this section of the circle will be closed for the shutdown duration.

West Side of Wohl Circle

The balance of Wohl Circle from Children’s Place to the overhead link from BJCIH to CSRB (West Side of Wohl Circle) will be affected as follows:
• PERMIT ONLY – Chromalloy Dialysis Center Patient Parking – Only Chromalloy Dialysis Center assigned patient permit parking and patient vehicular access will be permitted in Wohl Circle starting April 11, 2022 and continuing through late 2023.
• CLOSED – Public Vehicular Traffic & Parking – Public vehicle access and parking on the west side of Wohl Circle will be closed starting April 11, 2022 and remain closed through late 2023.
• NO CHANGE – Pedestrian Sidewalks – Sidewalks on west side of Wohl Circle will be open to normal pedestrian use.

If your work on campus takes you in or around the BJC IOH building and Hope Plaza, please anticipate shutdowns, disruptions and inconveniences associated with the construction of this project.

Your patience and cooperation, while we work to improve campus is sincerely appreciated.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Lauren Leonard, WUSM Project Manager or call 314-362-1951.