McDonnell Pediatric Research Building-Air Handling Unit 5/4/2022 3am – 6am

OFMD is recommissioning the MPRB-8201 BSL3 suite. As part of this effort, we need to perform one additional failure mode and recovery test of the ventilation systems (supply and exhaust) and associated controls that serve the 8201 BSL3 suite.

• During this outage, there will be intermittent supply and exhaust airflow available to all of the building labs. No work should occur in the fume hoods during the work period listed above.
• The supply air units (AHU-1 and AHU-2) for the building labs will be off intermittently during the times noted above. Minimal impact to space temperatures is expected.
• No work may occur in the BSL3 laboratory suites (7230, 7301, 7303, and 8201) during the work periods listed above because of the intermittent supply air available during the outage.