Metro Garage, Clayton Garage-Elevator Service Interruption 6/28/2022-6/29/2022

Elevators in these buildings will be tested on standby power on Monday through Wednesday, June 28 and 29, from 6 am to 7 am. While testing the elevators on emergency power, lighting and equipment that is connected to emergency power will experience a fault at the time the power is transferred. During this time, the elevators will be out of service.

The following list shows the elevators that will be tested:

No 93 WUMS Metro Garage – June 28
No 94 WUMS Metro Garage – June 28

No 58 Clayton Garage/SE (South) – June 29
No 59 Clayton Garage/SW (South) – June 29
No 60 Clayton Garage/S (North) – June 29
No 61 Clayton Garage/N (North) – June 29