Facilities Operations Update

Facilities Operations update for MDAS Project (Group J) cutover communication

Sent on behalf of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

The greater portion of the MDAS (in-building cellular system) infrastructure construction has been completed for the buildings listed below. On Saturday, August 27th, On Air Solutions (OAS) will “turn down” the existing “Sprint Only” in-building cellular system and “turn up” the new MDAS; the existing Sprint in-building cellular system will experience a 60-minute service interruption between 12PM-1:00 pm. Once the cut-over is complete the new in-building cellular system will provide Sprint/T-Mobile coverage.

On Air Solutions, and the Cellular Carriers will continue working in the designated buildings, although the corridor cabling work is complete perimeter walks will occur to test and optimize the new system.
Outage Date/Duration:
o Saturday, August 27th
o 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Impacted Areas:
• McDonnell PRB
• IOH 3rd and 4th Floors

Service Impacted:
• Sprint/T-Mobile

Contractors Onsite:
• On Air Solutions
• Archkey
• Coltrane

Contact Information:
Paul Stodgell
Renne’ Brewer