McDonnell Pediatric Research Building-Air Handling Unit Service Interruption 10/15/2022

In support of the MPRB 8210 BSL3 suite construction, the contractor will be completing some duct tie-ins on the large supply air handling unit (AHU-1) that serves all of the BSL3 labs and all of the labs on the western side of the building.

• During the outage on Saturday, October 15th 5 am – 9 am, there will be reduced exhaust airflow to all of the non-BSL3 laboratories in the building. No work should occur in the fume hoods during the work periods listed above
• The supply air to the labs on the western side of the building and all BSL3 suites will be off. Supply air and space temperature for these areas will be affected.
• The exhaust airflow to all of the BSL3 lab suites will remain operational during the outages; however, the supply air will be off. NO work may occur in the BSL3 suites (7230, 7301, 7303, and 8201) during this outage.