Wohl Hospital, Barnard Hospital, Wohl Clinic, Renard Hospital-Electric Service Interruption 11/12/2022 7 am-11 am

This will be the second of two outages required to perform this work. The purpose for this outage is to service and test the Switchgear connected to the ‘W’ Bus in the basement of Wohl Hospital. This work requires de-energizing the ‘W’ Bus, which affects multiple buildings that are fed out of the Wohl Hospital Basement Switchgear. Loads will be shed from the ‘W’ Bus in Each Building, and then the ‘W’ Feed will be de-energized at the CSRB, U-Shaped Switchgear. This work is performed to ensure that the Wohl Hospital, Basement Switchgear will continue to provide safe and reliable power.

The following buildings will be affected:
• Wohl Hospital
• Barnard
• Wohl Clinic
• Renard

Wohl Hospital will have normal power to lighting, receptacles, and equipment, shut off for the duration of the outage. Barnard will be single sourced to the ‘D’ Feed and should not see any interruptions in power, but the Cyclotron area on the ground floor will experience a partial loss of power for the duration of the outage. Wohl Clinic will also be single sourced to the ‘D’ Feed and should not see any interruption of power. Renard will see partial power outages on all floors, but most of the mechanical systems will have power during the outage.
All generators associated with the above buildings will run, and provide power to lights receptacles and equipment connected to the emergency power system.