Steven & Susan Lipstein BJC Institute of Health-Air Handling Unit Service Interruption 3/8/2023

On Wednesday, March 8th 2 am – 8 am OFMD will be completing preventative maintenance on the supply and exhaust air handling units that serve the basement vivarium including the B120 ABSL3 suite. In addition, duct tie-ins will be completed by the Vertical Expansion contractors during the outage. The supply and exhaust air handling units will be intermittently shut down which will affect vivarium space pressures, temperatures, and humidity. OFMD Control Room will be monitoring spaces to ensure temperatures and humidity stay within acceptable ranges.

NO work may occur in the B120 ABSL3 suite or the B165 fume hood during this outage. Please cap containers in fume hoods and close all fume hoods at the end of the day March 7th. No work with hazardous materials should be performed in the labs during the outage time.