Facilities Operations Update

Lights Out Heartland Program

April and May are the peak spring migration months for birds! As participants in the Lights Out Heartland initiative, a program designed to curb light pollution during seasonal bird migration periods in April/May and September/October, WashU encourages you to turn off lights before leaving a space and close blinds in the evenings. Interior lights shining outward contribute to light pollution, which can attract and disorient birds. Closing the blinds can also decrease the chance that birds will fly into the glass when they are most active, around dawn.

If you observe lights in your office or building that remain on all night and would not pose a safety risk to turn off, contact the Facilities at Operations & Facilities Management Department so they can determine if the lights could be turned off or placed on a schedule. Not only will this prevent the glow from buildings causing light pollution, but it will also save energy and associated carbon emissions.

This article offers a comprehensive account of the impacts of the Lights Out Heartland initiative and how you can get involved.

If you have any questions, please contact Alicia Hubert, Relocation Space Planner