Facilities Operations Update

Barnes-Jewish Hospital launching weapons detection on south campus August 21st, activating badge-only access doors in McMillan Hallway August 22nd

Sent on behalf of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

To provide a more secure environment, Barnes-Jewish Hospital is activating badge-only access doors by the Peters Building elevators in the McMillan Hallway in Plaza Tower on Tuesday, August. 22nd and introducing walk-through weapons detection to the south campus on Monday, August 21st.

Weapons detection

Initially, the system will be activated at two locations August 21st – the Plaza Tower street level and main entrances on south campus – to screen all patients, visitors and team members walking through. Weapons detection is expected to launch at other entrances throughout campus during 3rd and 4th quarters of this year.

Please note that laptops, umbrellas, glasses/sunglasses in hard cases, and water bottles with screw-top lids must be removed from bags and pockets and held before walking through the system.

Walk-through weapons detection can scan 4,000 people an hour – a significantly faster rate than standard metal detectors. Hospitals throughout the United States and major sports and entertainment venues worldwide use this system; St. Louis Children’s Hospital launched it earlier this year. The system also serves as a reminder that weapons, including garages are not permitted on any Washington University or BJC property.
There likely will be delays at these entrances as everyone first uses the system. If these locations are where you normally enter campus, please plan accordingly for your day. Thank you for understanding and for your patience as we implement this system.

McMillan Hallway Badge-Only Access Doors

Badge-only access doors were installed by the Peters Building Elevators in the McMillan Hallway. With completion of the new street-level Plaza entry on August 14th, these doors will be activated at 9 am on August 22nd.

This means:

  • You must use your badge to open the doors when heading west in the McMillan Hallway. Only those with badge access or a patient, visitor or those with business on campus who are accompanied by a BJH, BJC or Washington University employee will be permitted to enter the hospital through these doors.
  • A badge is not required to open the doors when heading east in the McMillan Hallway toward Euclid.
    The McMillan Building entrance on Euclid will remain open during regular hours. A BJH concierge team member will continue to be stationed at the McMillan Building entrance to badge and provide assistance from 7 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.