Report #: Protective Services Incident #200900388 SLMPD Report #20-040081
Offense: Larceny
Date Occurred: 9/4/2020
Date Reported: 09/04/2020 12:25 pm
Location: 4444 Forest Park Avenue
Synopsis: A Protective Services officer observed a vehicle pull into the parking lot adjacent to the construction site at Newstead and Duncan. The vehicle turned around and parked along side the construction at the entrance to 4444 Forest Park Avenue. An unknown subject exited the passenger side of the vehicle, walked into the construction area and picked up a large demo saw valued at $1,600.00. The driver of the vehicle opened the trunk and the subject placed the saw inside. The subject then entered the vehicle and the vehicle left the area prior to Protective Services being able to confront the subjects. The theft was reported to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and they are investigating.
Disposition: Referred to St. Louis Metropolitan Police