Report #: Protective Services Incident #201000456, SLMPD Report #20-048515
Date Occurred: 10/25/2020 8:22 pm
Date Reported: 10/25/2020 8:22 pm
Location: 4444 Forest Park Avenue East Parking Lot
Synopsis: A Protective Services officer observed a subject exit and quickly re-enter a construction trailer on the parking lot. Several Protective Services officers arrived on scene and ordered the subject to exit the trailer. The subject exited but quickly attempted to evade the officers. The subject was able to exit the parking lot through a hole in the fence, going north toward Forest Park Avenue. A Protective Services officer anticipated this movement and confronted the subject on the other side of the fence. The subject was taken into custody after mild resistance, identified and turned over to the SLMPD. The subject is being investigated for the larceny that occurred on 10/24/2020 as well.
Disposition: Suspect arrested and turned over to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Judicial disposition unknown.