Report #: Protective Services Incident #201000463
Date Occurred: 10/23/2020 through 10/28/2020
Date Reported: 10/30/2020 9:28 am
Location: Barnard Hospital
Synopsis: The SLMPD returned a set of spare keys to a WUSM employee with the Emergency Medicine Department. The keys were a spare set for two WUSM owned EMS Physician vehicles. Also returned was a medicine cabinet key that had no longer been in use in the department. The property had been recovered from a subject arrested by the SLMPD on 10/28/2020. The arrested subject is known to Protective Services and has been arrested on campus before. The keys were last seen in the office on 10/23/2020 and were not noticed as missing until they were returned. Upon inspecting the area in which they were located, a Bluetooth speaker and a MacBook Pro charger were also noted to be missing. The vehicles to which the spare keys belonged were accounted for with no damage nor missing items.
Disposition: Suspect arrested by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Judicial disposition unknown.