Report #: Protective Services Incident #201200517
Date Occurred: 12/21/2020 6:30 am - 2:30 pm
Date Reported: 12/22/2020 1:19 pm
Location: Parking Lot at S. Taylor Ave. and Forest Park Ave.
Synopsis: A contractor reported the catalytic converter had been stolen from his work van that had been parked in the lot at S. Taylor Ave. and Forest Park Ave. the day before. The contractor already took the van in for repairs and did not wish to contact the SLMPD to make a report. The CCTV cameras in the area are too far from the parking lot to be able to determine a suspect or time in which the catalytic converter was stolen. No other thefts were reported in the same lot on that day.
Disposition: No suspects could be located. Investigation complete.