Olin Short Stay Information

Short stay extensions

If you intend to extend your stay with us at Olin Hall, please contact the FISC by phone at 314-362-3100 or send an email to facilitiesrooms@email.wustl.edu. Payment for an extension must be paid on the date of extension.

Cancellations and refunds

Reservations may be cancelled at least 5 days before your stay. Please send an email to the coordinator or call the FISC at 314-362-3100.  Payments received are non-refundable due to a high volume of room reservation request.

Guest parking

On-campus parking is available for guests in Clayton Garage. This garage is located at the intersection of Clayton & Taylor Ave just east of Olin Hall. Parking can be accommodated and paid for by using a reloadable debit pass or by paying one month at a time at the FISC desk. To purchase a debit pass, you will need to visit the Clayton Garage attendant’s booth with your WUSM ID.  With the WUSM discount this averages out to $5/day. Visit the parking page for monthly prices. Please see the FISC front desk of Olin Hall for any further questions or call 314-362-3100.


Male and female bathrooms and showers are located in the middle of the building on each floor. Each room has a private wash basin with medicine cabinet. Please do not leave any personal items inside of the bathrooms. Items left in the restrooms will be removed.

If you are in need of additional towels or housekeeping services, please contact the FISC desk at 314-362-3100.

Kitchen and food facilities

The floor has a full size kitchen complete with oven, stove, and microwave. Please note the cleaning schedule on the fridge and remember to clean out any items left in the fridge.

The Shell Café is located in the McDonnell Medical Sciences Building which is located West of Olin Hall. The Shell Café is open for breakfast from 7 A.M to 10:30 A.M. and lunch from 11 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.

Food Truck options are also available at the corner of Scott & Taylor Ave in front of the Couch building during lunch time. These have a daily schedule that can be found at the STL Food Truck Association website. 

There are several other dining options on campus and several delivery and restaurant options are also available to you. Please see the front desk for more information.

Trash disposal and recycling

Trash closets are located throughout the floor for rubbish disposal. There are also garbage cans in the student kitchens. Residents are to dispose of trash by putting it in these designated locations NOT in the hallways. Please leave a note of warning on trash known to contain broken glass to avoid injury to the cleaning crew. Needles and syringes are to be collected in medical “sharps” boxes as provided by the health care provider, or alternatively, in puncture-proof, wide-mouth plastic jugs with threaded caps (for example, laundry detergent bottles). Discarded personal furniture or appliances must be brought directly to the dumpster with prior permission from the Business Office.

Recycling is voluntary in Olin Residences but strongly encouraged. Residents should bring all of their recyclables to the designated areas in the building. Materials should be sorted into trash, mixed paper, and commingled container receptacles.

Mixed paper includes newspapers, magazines, phone books, white and colored office paper, junk mail with window envelopes, and flattened cardboard. The mixed paper container should not contain food wrappers, tissues, cups, pizza boxes, plastic wrappers, or trash.

Commingled containers include cans, jars, and bottles made of glass, metal, or plastic. All caps and lids should be discarded, and containers should be rinsed and dried before they are deposited in the containers.

The Pentouse

The 11th floor Penthouse, which offers striking views of St. Louis City, serves as a recreational area for guests.

Internet access

Guest WiFi access is available throughout the building. With your computer, log onto “GUEST.” The system will kick you off every four hours. Open your browser, click “agree” and it will log you in for an additional four hours. If you prefer an Ethernet cord, please call 314-362-3100 or see the Facilities Integrated Service Center on the first floor of Olin Hall.

Mail and receiving

Mail Service is available at Olin Hall. All mail received will be delivered to the FISC desk located on the first floor of Olin Hall. If any large packages are received, you will be notified by email. Packages can be retrieved Mon-Fri between 7am-7pm and are kept behind locked doors afterhours until you are able to receive them.

Laundry facilities

Coin Laundry is available for student use in the basement of Olin Hall.

Cart service

If you are in need of a cart or dolly to move large items, please see the front desk. We will be happy to accommodate your need.

Air control

Air flow in the room can be controlled on the desk panel. Next to the fan vent, open the air conditioner panel and flip the switch to low, medium, high, or off. If you do not have a vent fan on the desk, the air control is located next to the wash basin. If you need assistance, please call 314-362-3100. During the winter months, the air at Olin is warm, during the summer months, the air is cooled.

If there is anything we can do to make you more comfortable, please see the front desk.

Housekeeping services

We offer linen service for guest rooms once a week for stays lasting one week or longer. If you would like your linens changed, please ensure that your dirty linens are hung on the door by 10am on Monday mornings. For your safety, our policy is to not enter any guest rooms other than for safety concerns. If you need additional services, please contact 314-362-3100.


Washington University School of Medicine Protective Services is a combined force of armed Response Officers, unarmed Communications Officers and unarmed Public Safety Officers who provide security coverage for campus on a seven-day per week, 24-hour basis. These officers are University employees. If you are in need of a personal safety escort or motorist assistance, please contact 314-362-4357. More information can be found on the security website.