Shuttles & Maps

Employees and students can enjoy complementary shuttle bus service routes throughout the Washington University Medical Center campus.

For information on specific routes, times and destinations, please consult the shuttle map and shuttle map information.

For information on the Afterhours Neighborhood Shuttle Program, please see the flyer.

FAQs about Shuttle Changes

Q:       When do these changes go into effect?

A:        The new shuttle routes begin, Monday, Dec. 5

Q:       Why are these changes being made now?

A:        These changes coincide with the opening of the Mid Campus Center (MCC) and allow us to use the space as we did prior to construction there. For years, this was the primary drop-off and pick-up area for the central campus. There is also significant construction beginning Dec. 5 on Forest Park Parkway causing lane closures and detours on Forest Park Parkway and Kingshighway.

Q:       Why can’t team members continue to be dropped off where they work?

A:        There will be significant construction beginning Dec. 5 on Forest Park Parkway causing lane closures and detours on Forest Park Parkway and Kingshighway. Our goal is to minimize traffic to help create a smoother flow and experience for patients, families and visitors, while providing a centralized drop-off location for team members.

Q:       Once we’re dropped off at the MCC, will we be able to walk inside to our destination?

A:        Yes, once inside the MCC lobby, team members can take the stairs or elevator to the second floor where there is a link that connects to the existing link, enabling team members to walk inside to their destinations on south or north campus.

Q:       Will we have to wait outside for the shuttle?

A:        No, team members can use their badges to access the MCC lobby where they can wait for shuttles.

Q:       Has my badge already been programmed to access the MCC?

A:        Yes

Q:       Will these routes be permanent?

A:        With continued construction throughout campus, additional changes may be necessary but we can say with relative certainty the MCC will continue to be the primary drop-off and pick-up area for central campus.

Q:       I am a WUSM employee and I pay to park in one of the garages on campus. Since I’m paying, why I can’t be dropped off where I work?

A:        The garage fee covers parking in the garage. The on-campus shuttle service is free. Shuttle routes had to be adjusted during construction. With the opening of the MCC, we are returning to a centralized drop-off location for all team members.

Q:       In the past, I sometimes have had to wait up to 15 minutes for a shuttle. Will this be the case now?

A:        Based on current volume, we believe we have designated an appropriate number of shuttles for each route but we will continue to monitor the shuttles and will adjust if necessary. If team members feel they are waiting too long for a shuttle, please let us know by emailing

Q:       What are the shuttle hours for the Clayton South route? When I work late, the shuttle hasn’t been available.

A:        The Clayton South shuttle hours have been extended. They were 6 a.m.-8 p.m. They now are 4 a.m.-1 a.m.

Q:       What provisions are being made for team members who work at the CAM or COH? The distance to the CAM/COH is much farther than to south campus.

A:        The MCC provides the most convenient centralized drop-off location to serve the entire campus. The MCC has direct access to the link leading to both north and south campuses. We will be monitoring the shuttle situation so if you have concerns, please email

Q:       What if I can’t walk from the MCC to my work area?

A:        If you have a medical disability that prevents you from walking, please contact Linda Gallagher at Reasonable accommodations can be made for temporary and long-term disabilities.