Resources For Crime Victims

The University encourages crime victims to obtain counseling. Victims of all types of crimes may also obtain assistance from the following community resources, which are not affiliated with Washington University:

  • Women’s Support and Community Services
    Offers a 24-hr. crisis hotline for women who have experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Individual counseling is also offered.
  • Aid For Victims of Crime
    Offers a 7 day, 24-hr. hotline for victims of all types of crime. Provides emotional first aid, information and referral services.
  • Life Crisis Services
    Offers a 7 day, 24-hr. hotline, especially for suicide prevention.
  • Rape and Violence End Now (RAVEN)
    Individual and group therapy for men who abuse women physically or emotionally.
  • YWCA St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center 314-726-6665
    140 N. Brentwood Blvd.
  • Hotline
    Offers crisis intervention at hospitals (Sexual Assault Response Team). Counseling is at no cost to the client. Therapy peer groups are also available.