In accordance with the mission of Facilities Operations, along with our WUSM partners, we strive to provide a safe and aesthetically-pleasing campus environment by maintaining the grounds, lighting, streets and sidewalks around the campus.

What We Do

• Exterior trash collection and removal
• Landscape maintenance and preservation
• Snow removal and emergency response
• Lighting installation and maintenance
• Sidewalk and road repair

Our team of dedicated employees provides 24-hour, comprehensive service to over 150 acres of university property.

Please contact the Facilities Integrated Service Center at 314-362-3100 or to initiate your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do the hanging baskets and potted plants go in?
A: Weather permitting, this occurs during the second week of May.

Q: What is the frequency of cleaning the reflecting pool in Hope Plaza?
A: Complete service and maintenance occurs twice a year – in Spring and Fall.

Q: When is snow removed from our campus? Where?
A: If there is prior knowledge of a snow event, a pre-treatment is performed. As soon as it begins to snow, all of the campus sidewalks and parking lots are cleared.

Q: What type of ‘salt’ is used on sidewalks during slippery conditions?
A: Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) is utilized, as it is both effective as a deicer and is environmentally benign.

Q: When are the trees and bushes trimmed?
A: Trimming is performed for two reasons: improved aesthetics and enhanced security of our faculty, staff and students.

Q: How do we report campus lighting issues or poorly lit areas?
A: Contact the Facilities Integrated Service Center at 314-362-3100 or email