The OFMD Signage Planning team maintains a standard interior signage program for all WUSM-owned and managed facilities. Depending on the building, there is typically a predetermined size, format, and lettering style that is approved for campus signage.

The BJC Sign Shop will continue to manage on- and off-campus signage requests for buildings that are BJC-owned, BJC-managed, or in public areas that are shared between the two entities. If you have a signage request in the following BJC buildings, please email your request directly to

For projects over $15k, please fill out the Capital Project Planning and Project Request Form to initiate a capital project; for example, exterior monument styles or other large sign installations.

OFMD Project Managers and Planners requesting signage, please fill out the Project Signage Request Form from “Project Delivery Tools and References”

WUSM OFMD handles requests for the following sign types:

Sign Inserts Only (For orders of more than 10 fill out the specialty form)

  • Sign inserts include printing inserts/nameplates for offices, workstations, lab spaces, directories, and directional signs.
  • WUSM utilizes FedEx Office to print sign inserts to match existing standards on campus.
  • FedEx works directly with departments for billing and delivery/pickup of all sign insert orders.

New Sign Holders (For orders of more than 10 fill out the specialty form)

  • Our team will work with your department to identify signholders for typical offices, workstations, labs, and other standard rooms.
  • For common standard room signs, the OFMD In-House Fabrication team will work with you for delivery or installation. Billing will be handled through ServiceNow.

Specialty Signage

  • Specialty signage includes all other signage or graphic needs on campus such as vinyl film, dimensional lettering, new directories, or plaques. Some room signs may be considered specialty signage.
  • Our team will work with your department to finalize layouts and specifications with an appropriate outside vendor, receive approval on quotes, and follow up with lead time and installation schedule.
  • All billing to the department will be handled through OFMD Business Operations.
  • Depending on signage request and location, WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications may be involved to align with brand standards as required.

Please contact for all questions related to signage.