Report all injuries, minor to serious, to Protective Services.

Stay on the line with Protective Services until emergency personnel arrives or you are released by the Communications Officer. When calling Protective Services state the following:

  • The nature of the emergency
  • The exact location, including building, floor, room number, etc.
  • Brief description of the patient (sex, age, known medical conditions)
  • If medically qualified personnel (RN or MD) are present and attending
  • If 911 has already been called

Protective Services Communications Officers are prepared to initiate appropriate emergency responses. Officers will be dispatched to all reports of illness or injury on campus. We make every effort to have a Response Officer-EMT on duty throughout the week. Protective Services’ mobile units carry equipment and supplies that may be needed to address many situations of this type, including first-aid kits, portable defibrillators, and NARCAN.

If appropriate, in the judgment of response personnel, Protective Services’ mobile units may be used to transport persons who suffer from less serious illness or injury to BarnesCare for treatment. If the services of the St. Louis Fire Department, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, or other agency are required, they will be notified promptly.

Medical emergencies

Emergent Care

If an employee needs medical care for a traumatic or life-threatening injury, the Charles F. Knight Emergency and Trauma Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital is the authorized treatment facility.

Non Life-Threatening Injury

For all other injuries, contact the Insurance Department, 314-935-5627. Authorization will be given for treatment at BarnesCare at 5000 Manchester Road.

Protective Services responds to all injuries, as requested. This is not a replacement for follow-up and initial screening with a physician. Protective Services officers are instructed to facilitate medical care for employees through proper channels, dependent upon the circumstances they are presented with.

Upon being informed of a non-life threatening injury, the supervisor should complete the form as found on the Washington University Office of Insurance and Risk Management website.

After the form has been completed and the Insurance Office has given authorization for treatment at the BarnesCare facility, the supervisor or the employee may contact Protective Services, 314-362-4357, to request transport to BarnesCare. BarnesCare sees patients who have work related injuries. Non-work related injuries and illnesses should be handled by the employee at the location of his/her choosing. The employee is responsible for the financial costs incurred for injuries and illnesses that occur off-campus and that are not related to their duties while working for the University.