OFMD Mission

Pride in Service, Do the Right Thing

The staff of the Operations & Facilities Management Department (OFMD) strives to provide responsible stewardship for the long-term preservation and growth of Washington University School of Medicine’s physical assets while working to ensure a safe, welcoming and high-quality environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors in support of the School’s missions of clinical care, research and education.

OFMD Organizational Core Values

PRIDE: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication & Excellence

Principals & Practices – How Do We Apply Our Values Each Day?

We act with professionalism at all times by being approachable, supportive, and accountable. We take responsibility for the quality and completion of our work, accept personal responsibility for our actions and strive to solve problems.

We show respect for others and ourselves by showing compassion and empathy, respecting each experience for what it is (practicing civility at all times), and not judging or promoting gossip.

We act with integrity by being honest, trustworthy, and doing the right thing. In addition, we serve our campus and the surrounding community with dedication by acting as stewards of the environment.

We work with the goal of excellence in mind – we will develop a unified facilities and safety services organization that is customer-service focused and strives to become the benchmark that all other medical schools will want to model.

Programs, processes, goals, training, and performance evaluations connect to our mission and core values.

When we, as leaders, engage our employees as authentic leaders, we positively influence our team morale and productivity, including work outcomes and business productivity.