Washington University School of Medicine strongly encourages alternative transportation. WUSM has been working to advance low-carbon, active forms of transportation that lessen environmental impact, encourage healthy lifestyles and strengthen our sense of community.

The university offers a number of transportation options. Metro St. Louis provides transportation near and around the WUSM campus. If you are not a WUSM full-time student or benefits-eligible faculty or staff member with a current U-Pass, you will be required to pay the applicable Metro fare for your transportation.

The Washington University Medical Center (WUMC) offers its community multiple transportation options to, from and on campus. As of 2015, forty-seven percent of the School of Medicine community use transportation other than single-occupancy vehicles. WUMC has a suite of activities to maintain or expand that rate and ensure the Medical Center community is satisfied with the quality and safety of campus transportation options.

For more information please view the WUMC Best Practice Document – Transportation Demand Management.

Resources for bikers

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Public transportation

The university provides most faculty, staff and students with a Universal Pass (U-Pass) for the Metro public transportation system. The following regulations strictly apply to the U-Pass program. Fraudulent or unauthorized use of a U-Pass will lead to possible University disciplinary action, confiscation of the pass, revocation of the program benefit, and/or possible issuance of a citation from law enforcement officers for fare evasion.

  • The U-Pass is non-transferable and valid only when used by the eligible individual to whom it was originally issued.
  • The U-Pass is valid only when issued through Washington University Parking & Transportation Services.
  • The U-Pass is valid for access to the Metro system only when presented for service by an eligible member of the Washington University community along with a valid Washington University ID.
  • Passengers who fail to present a valid Washington University ID with the U-Pass will be required to pay the cash fare for access to the bus. In addition, on the train, the U-Pass could be confiscated and a citation could be issued by law enforcement officers for fare evasion.
  • A valid U-Pass must be returned to Parking & Transportation Services if an individual is no longer registered full-time.
  • Passes should be returned to:

Danforth Parking & Transportation Services
One Brookings Drive, Campus Box 1200
St. Louis, MO 63130

  • The U-Pass must be renewed annually. The expiration date is clearly printed on the U-Pass.
  • Passengers who present an expired U-Pass will be required to pay the cash fare for access to the bus. In addition, on the train, a citation could be issued by law enforcement officers for fare evasion to passengers presenting an expired U-Pass.
  • Lost or stolen U-Passes must be reported to Parking & Transportation Services immediately. The fee charged for a replacement annual U-Pass is $50.00. This replacement fee cannot be waived.
  • Metro does not allow eating or drinking on their vehicles. Failure to comply with this policy on the train could result in the issuance of a citation from law enforcement officers.

For questions regarding U-Pass status, please contact parktrans@wustl.edu.

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Reducing solo driving

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EV charging stations

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