Taylor Avenue Building, 1st floor

To register for the locker room program in the Taylor Avenue Building, please fill out the form below.

We will then send an email to you when your access has been granted.

Registering for the program will provide access on your BJH, SLCH or WUSM employee ID badge to access the locker rooms in the Taylor Avenue Building.

If you have any questions, please email us at OFMDlockerroomfeedback@wustl.edu.

Locker Room Registration Form

Northwest Tower, 2nd floor

This room is managed by the Department of Pediatrics. All WUSM staff, faculty and students with an ID badge can enter the Northwest Tower shower room.

Other locker room locations

  • Olin Basement (locker rooms)
  • CSRB 3rd-10th floor (restrooms)
  • Biotech 1st floor (restrooms)
  • 4444 4th Floor (restrooms)
  • MPRB 3rd-10th floor (restrooms)
  • MCC Basement
  • Couch basement (restrooms)