FY22 Billable Rates per Hours – Labor
  • Custodial
    • $44 (Straight Time)
    • $66 (Non-Standard/Weekend)
    • $88 (Emergency/Non-Scheduled Request)
  • Facilities Engineering: $74
  • Renovation: $74
  • Machine Shop: $92
  • Moves (Done by the General Maintenance Team): $58
  • Protective Services Patrol Officers for event support: $47 (3-hour minimum)
  • Lock & Key core installation: $69
  • Moves and relocation planning: $68
  • Small project management planning: $67
  • Space planning/study management: $105
  • Capital Projects: $115
FY22 Other Lock & Key Charges
  • Core: $20 (plus labor – $69 per hour)
  • Best key: $5 (plus labor – $69 per hour)
  • Cabinet keys (steel case): $17.50 for the first key, $2.50 for each additional key
    • Delivery fee of $10 since the keys are cut off-site (plus labor – $69 per hour)
FY22 Rental Rates per Item
  • 6-ft table: $15
  • Cocktail table: $20
  • Chair: $1.25
  • Truck Use: $25 (1 hour minimum)

Please note, if you have a table/chair setup every day, you will be charged for the materials daily.

Cleanup is mandatory following any event for 21 or more participants which has food/beverage and is billed at $44/hr with a one hour minimum. While the host should perform the initial cleanup, the custodial staff is still responsible for trash removal and additional cleaning of the space.

All rates mentioned are a minimum charge and any excessive cleanup may be charged additional fees.

FY22 Badge Rates
  • New badges and department transfer badges: $15
  • Lost ID badges: $10
  • Replacement for worn IDs, title change, and name change: FREE
FY22 Alcohol Rates
  • 5 Gallon/drum (200): $86.88
  • 5 Gallon/drum (190): $85.73
  • Gallon/case (190): $78.83 or 1-gallon each $19.71
  • Gallon/case (200): $79.98 or 1-gallon each $19.99

Plastic Pint (200) discontinued by vendor. No longer available.

Non-Chargeable Services
  • Repairs resulting from normal wear and tear, including plumbing, central HVAC and electrical systems
  • Maintenance of the building envelope – windows, foundation, walls and floors
  • Maintaining clean and safe campus buildings
  • Cleaning services per the Custodial Service Levels

Chargeable Services
  • Minor renovations, conversion of space, installation and/or maintenance of specialized equipment affecting the building systems, such as fume hoods and acid drains
  • Installation of items that require only minor modifications, such as pictures, wall brackets and wall clocks
  • Fabrication of shelves and equipment, non-scheduled painting, changing ventilation equipment and adding electrical service
  • Pick-up and delivery of mail, packages or crates using Mail & Receiving staff
  • Moving furniture or other equipment using Mail & Receiving or Custodial Services staff
  • Event services, including setup, breakdown, cleaning and trash removal
  • Any custodial floor recovery work (excluding scheduled annual floor recovery), such as a strip, wax, or carpet cleaning