Space Management System

We have purchased a new Space Management application called Archibus. The Business Intelligence piece of the system is called OSIS. Archibus and OSIS will manage space, provide business intelligence and deliver critical information for emergency response.


The OSIS application can run on Internet Explorer (IE). Please note that when using IE, you may not be able to access many of the robust features of this application. Using FireFox or Chrome as your browser will enable you to utilize all features.

OSIS Executive Summary Information and Sources

OSIS Access Request Guidelines

OSIS University User Guide 2017

What are some features of OSIS?

This new system is a central repository for facilities to track critical information associated with space from University systems of record.

  • This is a web based system that you can access anytime, anywhere.
  • The system will be accessible using your WUSTL Key login.
  • Customized dashboards allow business management to view metrics and space drawings of areas belonging to your business units.
  • Easy to access floor plans with detailed information at the room level.

What are some examples of information associated with space?

  • Size of the room
  • Occupants in a room, including room splits and usage
  • Attributes of a room

The application can run on Internet Explorer. However, the version the Medical School is using does not take advantage of all the robust features of this application. Using FireFox or Chrome will enable you to utilize all features.

Please contact support with any issues or questions via email: or by phone at 362-6646.