Mid Campus Center

The Mid Campus Center (MCC) is a 517,000 BGSF administrative office building which opened in December of 2016. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about MCC.

User Manuals

Building operations

Is there a cafeteria in the building?  There is a Kaldi’s Cafe on the 2nd floor along the link. There is also a coffee and food venue in the McDonnell Pediatrics building called Farmstead which is managed by Bon Appetite.

Are there vending machines in the building?  There are vending machines on levels 2 and 9.  Each floor has 1 drink machine and 1 snack machine.

Where can one eat their lunch in the building?  There are break rooms provided on levels 9, 11 and 12 for WUSM employees to eat.

How will conference rooms be reserved?  For WUSM, the conference rooms in the MCC will be in the room reservation system and available for campus reservations by all occupants and campus administration.

How many conference rooms are on the WUSM floors and available for use?  What size are they?  Below is a summary of the conference room locations and sizes:

1st Floor Breakout Room 1405 12 people Priority given to Public Safety
Breakout Room 1407 12 people Priority given to Public Safety
Training Room 1404 50 people Priority given to Public Safety
2nd Floor Conference Room 2047 12 people Shared conference room
Conference Room 2049 12 people Shared conference room
Conference Room 2059 8 people Shared conference room
Conference Room 2060 8 people Shared conference room
Training Room 2057 40 people Priority given to HR
9th Floor Conference Room 9200 12 people Shared conference room
Conference Room 9201 12 people Shared conference room
Conference Room 9501 12 people Shared conference room
Conference Room 9502 12 people Shared conference room
12th Floor Conference Room 12314 12 people Priority given to CIO
Conference Room 12500 8 people Shared conference room
Conference Room 12519 16 people Shared conference room

What departments are currently planned to be in the building?  Below is a summary of the departments and the floor they are located on:

1st Floor

Shared Floor

WUSM Protective Services/Emergency Management – collocated with BJC Public Safety
WUSM Human Resources
2nd Floor WUSM Floor WUSM Human Research Protection Office (HRPO)
WUSM Risk Management
WUSM Compliance Audit
WU Office for International Students and Scholars
MyWay to Health Clinic
3rd Floor BJC Floor BJH Occupational Health Clinic
BJH Department of Research
BJH Center for Practice Excellence
BJH Transplant Services
SLCH Clinical Education & Training
4th Floor BJC Floor BJH Environmental Health and Safety
BJH Patient Experience
BJH Spiritual Care Services
BJH Cardiology Fellows
BJH Electrophysiology
BJH Woundostomy
BJH Cath Lab
BJH Clinical Specialists
BJH Mentors in Medicine
BJH Ambulatory Services
BJH Therapy Services
BJH Language Services
5th Floor BJC Floor BJH Patient Safety & Quality
BJH Case Management
6th Floor BJC Floor BJH Operational Excellence
BJC Communications & Marketing
BJH Palliative Care
SLCH Business Development/Planning
SLCH Financial Services
SLCH Physician Services
SLCH Communications & Marketing
SLCH Performance Measurement & Performance Excellence
7th Floor BJC Floor – Currently Unoccupied
8th Floor BJC Floor – Currently Unoccupied
9th Floor  WUSM Floor WUSM Neurology Business and Billing
WUSM Anesthesiology Business and Billing
WUSM Emergency Medicine Billing
WUSM Orthopedics Research Administration
WUSM Finance
WUSM Surgery Administration
10th Floor WUSM Floor – Currently Unoccupied
11th Floor WUSM Internal Medicine
12th Floor  WUSM Floor WUSM Dean’s Suite
WUSM Chief Information Officer
WUSM Human Resources
WUSM General Counsel
WUSM Physician Billing Compliance
WUSM Medical Public Affairs
WUSM Joint Office of Strategic Planning
WUSM Special Programs
WUSM Medical Alumni Development Programs
WUSM Government & Community Development
WUSM Faculty Affairs
WUSM Faculty Practice Plan

What appliances are provided in the support areas?  There are 3 support areas on each floor.  The 2 at the east and west ends of the building are the same size and have 1 refrigerator, 2 microwaves, an ice/water dispenser and a coffee maker in each space on all WUSM Floors but level 11.  These support areas also have space for 2 copy/printer machines opposite of the kitchenette.  The center support areas on 2, 9, 11 and 12 contain 2 refrigerators, 2 microwaves, an ice/water dispenser and a coffee maker.  These spaces do not have space for copiers/printers.

How many copy machines are on each floor?  There is room for 4 copy machines in the support areas.  It is up to the departments on the floor to determine how many are needed to serve the floor and coordinate the leases of the copy machines.

How do you clean the Wink walls in the building?  Most standard dry erase markers, in any color, can be used on the Wink surface, and wipe clean without “ghosting.” A microfiber or dry-erase cloth is recommended for daily erasing and cleaning. Using any other product voids the warranty and the wall would need to repainted.


Are there trash and recycling containers at each office/workstation?  A recycling container is provided at each office or workstation and trash cans are located in a central area on each floor.

Are there bike storage and showers in the building?  Yes, bike storage is located on the ground level at the southeast corner of the building.  Shower rooms are located in the lower level for use by building occupants.  The shower rooms are accessible with badge access.


The campus joint security center (both BJH and WUSM) is located on the first floor of this building and provides the entire campus with Point-of-Service badging, access control, dispatch and security services operations.  This facility is also home to the campus Emergency Operations Center. 

What specific security measures are in the building?  Card readers are located at the entrances to the building, both on ground level and link level, within the elevators and to enter onto the floor from the elevator lobbies on each floor.  During the building’s open hours, the WUSM floors are generally be accessible without badges.

What are the building hours of operation?  The building’s hours are from 6am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.  For any issues related to access control/entry, call Access Control, 362-1580, during normal working hours.

Building maintenance

Who maintains the building?  WUSM operates and maintains the building and you can reach the Facilities Integrated Service Center at 314-362-3100.

What is the housekeeping schedule?  WUSM cleans the building.  For cleaning service levels, go to Custodial Service Levels

Parking and campus accessibility

Where can I park?  Building occupants should continue to park in their current parking location. If you would relocate from your current location, you should contact the following Parking and Transportation resources to discuss possible options: BJH: 314-362-0732 or WUSM: 314-362-3100.

Where can off campus visitors park?  Parking for visitors is not available in the building. Campus visitors may park at parking garages on campus. The closest garage will be the Metro Garage; however, there is limited visitor parking. There is visitor parking in the Clayton Garage.  For special events or large meetings, contact BJH: 314-362-0732 or WUSM: 314-362-3100.