Pedestrian & Vehicular Safety & Education Program

The Operations & Facilities Management Department’s Pedestrian & Vehicular Safety & Education Program works to address the pedestrian and vehicular safety needs on the WUSM campus.

The program provides campus education services that seek to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety and to encourage more walking by creating an environment where pedestrians can walk safely and comfortably.

Pledge to be Smart and Safe

Every year we see an increasingly high number of pedestrian and bicycle related accidents in St. Louis. Make a difference in our area by taking the Safety Pledge – Walk Smart, Bike Smart, Drive Smart.
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  • Focus on the whole person (drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists)
  • Sensitize drivers that pedestrians are legitimate road users and should always be expected on/near roadways
  • Educate pedestrians about minimizing risks to their safety
  • Develop program materials to explain and enhance the operation of crosswalks and signals

Be smart

The Pedestrian & Vehicular Safety & Education Program is about being smart on streets and crosswalks. Read more in The Record and on the Office of Sustainability website page.