In-House Renovation & Fabrication Team

The In-House Renovation & Fabrication Team at Washington University School of Medicine is comprised of small renovation and technical trades as well as fabrication, modification, design and technical services. The team serves all Washington University departments as well as off-campus customers not affiliated with the University.

Contact us

To reach the In-House Renovation & Fabrication Team, please contact us at 314-362-3100. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 7am to 4:30pm.


The In-House Renovation and Fabrication Team has a mission of providing cost effective, efficient and quality services that include the following services.

Small renovation & technical trades

Project size for in-house renovation would typically be small to medium-size and services (typically under $50,000) provided could include any or all of the following options:

  • Small renovations
  • Wall construction or relocation
  • Door and frame installations
  • Construction and installation of department shelves and bookcases
  • Fabrication, repair and painting of department-owned furniture
  • Hanging items on walls
  • Installation of door closures and door-stops
  • Installation of keyboard accessories
  • Electrical and lighting work
  • Additional outlets for department-owned equipment
  • Special lights installed for pictures or desks
  • Special plugs installed on department-owned equipment
  • Plumbing work
  • Installation or annual testing of backflow preventer units attached to department-owned equipment
  • Changing of water filters on department-owned equipment
  • Repairs to sinks and drains due to incorrect disposing of material
  • Repair of department lab equipment – e.g. sterilizers, washers, dryers, etc.
  • Repair of private bathrooms inside of suite
  • Painting
  • Flooring removal and/or installation
  • Needed ceiling work

Fabrication, modification, design & technical services

The Instrument Machine Shop at Washington University School of Medicine is a fully-equipped shop and fabrication facility.  It provides complete services in the design, fabrication and repair of parts, instruments and equipment.  The shop serves all University departments as well as off-campus customers not affiliated with the University.  The shop is capable of working with all type of materials ranging from plastics to exotic metals.

The shop is staffed by highly skilled machinists that can work from formal blueprints, sketches, or verbal descriptions. The shop is capable of working with all type of materials ranging from plastics to exotic metals. To arrange a tour or consultation, call 314-362-6186.


  • Precision milling, turning, drilling, honing, flat grinding, abrasive blasting
  • Modern welding facility with equipment for plasma arc, tungsten inert gas, metal inert gas, and spot welding, in addition to a pantograph-controlled plasma torch for dimension-controlled cutting of metal parts
  • Precision water jet material cutting
  • Complete sheet metal fabrication
  • Precision plastic fabrication, including bonding, heat forming, casting, polishing and welding
  • 4 CNC Milling Machines and 1 CNC Lathe
  • CAD/CAM software capabilities, include drawing of parts, importing of files from Solid Works, Auto Cad, Inventor, Solid Edge, Para Solid, Iges, Alpha 1, and Power Shape file formats to aide in the programing of parts to be machined, and the ability to generate G code to run our CNC machines
  • SolidWorks software used in producing drawings for customers, or for working with your drawings


Work is performed to the customer’s specifications at a competitive price. Customers are charged a quoted amount or billed for time and materials.


The Instrument Machine Shop is located at 4566 Scott Avenue (McDonnell Science Medical Building) on the Washington University School of Medicine campus.

Machine Shop Map

Photo Examples

Acrylic Display Case Barrier Pass Through Containment Chamber for Radio Gas Nano Satellite Comm. Box Primate Chair Prototype Medication Dispenser

Heart pump