Facilities Operations Update

Clayton Garage discount parking cards

Beginning July 1, 2021, the daily discounted rate with the use of the WUSM Debit Card in the Clayton Taylor Garage will increase to $5.00 per day, originally $4.00 per day. WUSM employees and students will not have to replace their WUSM Debit Card when this rate change goes into effect. If the WUSM Debit Card is currently loaded, the amount will remain.
To receive a WUSM Debit Card, please visit the Clayton Garage attendant’s booth (Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm). To receive the card, $10.00 must initially be loaded (equivalent to 2-days of parking). When reloading the WUSM Debit Card, the individual must load the card in $5.00 increments. The maximum value that can be reloaded is $75.00, or 15-days of parking.

Please contact medparking@wustl.edu with any questions.