Euclid Power Plant drive/parking closed June 14th-August 1st

Workers will excavate the drive between the Farrell Learning & Teaching Center (FLTC) and the Euclid Power Plant between Wednesday, June 14th and Tuesday, August 1st (weather dependent). We will close all vehicular and pedestrian access to this area. Pedestrians must use the FLTC for access between Euclid and Scott Avenues. Please see the photos […]

Euclid Power Plant drive/parking closed today (May 31st)

Today (May 31st), from 7 am to 12 pm, workers will close the Euclid Power Plant drive/parking for a crane to replace a fan on a cooling tower. This will only affect the area between the red lines in the photo. Please use the FLTC to access Euclid or Scott Avenues. If you have any […]

Specialized Research Facility East-Steam Service Interruption 6/10/2023

On June 10th from 2 am to 2 pm there will be a steam outage for the Specialized Research Facility East to replace parts failing with the system and for upgrades. In this time frame there will no steam to the cage wash and hot water to cage wash equipment, autoclaves, and hot water to […]

Barnard Hospital, Bernard Becker Medical Library, Biotechnology Center, Steven & Susan Lipstein BJC Institute of, Cancer Research Building, Clinical Sciences Research Building, Euclid Power Plant, Farrell Learning & Teaching Center, Irene W Johnson Institute Rehab, Mallinckrodt Institute Radiology, Maternity Hospital, McDonnell Medical Sciences Building, McMillan Hospital, North Medical Building, Olin Residence Hall, Renard Hospital, South Medical Building, West Building, Wohl Clinic, Wohl Hospital-Domestic Hot Water Service Interruption 6/10-11/2023

To make repairs, no domestic hot water will be available to the building on June 10th 12 am-June 11th 4 pm. This will affect all restrooms, sinks, showers, and any system using domestic hot water. A follow-up notification will be issued when all repairs have been completed and the system is back to normal operation.

CSRB North Tower Addition-Steam Service Interruption 6/16-17/2023

On Friday, June 16th 4 pm – Saturday, June 17th 4 pm Facilities will be working on the steam system that feeds steam to the entire building. No steam will be available to all autoclaves. Hot water throughout the building will be cooler than normal during this time.

Lights Out Heartland Program

April and May are the peak spring migration months for birds! As participants in the Lights Out Heartland initiative, a program designed to curb light pollution during seasonal bird migration periods in April/May and September/October, WashU encourages you to turn off lights before leaving a space and close blinds in the evenings. Interior lights shining […]

ECSS shared spaces

As a reminder, all events or functions held in ECSS Shared Spaces must be approved by the ECSS Shared Spaces Reservation team. These spaces also include gathering areas such as the Food Truck Area, Shaffer Courtyard, and the Shell Café seating area. To view a list of ECSS Shared Spaces, please visit the MEET website. […]