Facilities Operations Update

MDAS Construction in Group D2 Northwest Tower starts April 4th

Sent on behalf of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

A Multi-carrier Distributed Antenna System (MDAS) is currently under construction to provide cellular service for ATT, Sprint-T-Mobile, and Verizon connections throughout the Medical Center Campus. The construction will be completed in phases targeting specific building groups.

What’s happening in your building?

Construction in Northwest Tower will follow the following timeline:

Infrastructure phase (installation of cable, antennas & testing
equipment): Monday, April 4th to Monday, May 30th

Swap-over (i.e., move existing Sprint signal to new MDAS): June 4th

AT&T & Verizon signals forecasted to be integrated after June 4th

Who’s impacted?

Staff, patients and families within the designated areas should experience
limited disruptions to egress/ingress. Vendors will access above ceiling areas with or without a lift and will work to ensure that they are not blocking access in hallways, patient rooms, offices, etc.

What do you need to know?

Contact CSC Support if you have any questions regarding the in-building cellular system.

Will you receive additional communications about this?

Communications will be sent via email to alert of the next areas that will be impacted until the installation is complete.

CSC Support Desk