Security & law enforcement at WUSM

Washington University School of Medicine Protective Services is a combined force of armed response officers, unarmed communications officers, and unarmed public safety officers who provide security coverage for campus on a seven-day per week, 24-hour basis. These officers are University employees. Additionally, an unarmed contract security contingent staffs certain fixed posts on campus. An overview of crime awareness and campus security can be found by clicking here.

Facebook page

Protective Services has a Facebook page. It features posts regarding Protective Services’ programs and initiatives and relevant safety and security information. Please “like” it to stay informed!

Reporting criminal acts or emergencies

To report a crime or emergency, dial 314-362-4357 from any phone. For more information on how to report incidents, click here.

Need assistance?

Contact Protective Services at 314-362-4357.

Alerts & statistics

Daily Crime Log
Crime Alerts
Crime Statistics
Fire Safety and the Campus Fire Log

Medical emergencies

  • For serious or life threatening illness or injury: Dial 314-362-4357 to notify Protective Services.
  • Minor illness or injury: Dial 314-362-4357.
  • If in doubt: Dial 314-362-4357.

For more information on dealing with medical emergencies, click here.

Sex crimes and harassment

For information on sexual assault, post-incident counsel, resources, sexual harassment and the Sexual Offender Registry information, please click here.

Resources for victims of crime

The University encourages crime victims to obtain counseling. Victims of all types of crimes may also obtain assistance from this list of community resources, which are not affiliated with Washington University.

Shooter On Campus — Know What To Do

WUSTL Emergency Information

Report A Crime

Crime Alerts and Statistics

Police Department – Danforth and Other Campuses

A-Z List of Services

Emergency Management

The School of Medicine Emergency Management Program seeks to provide a seamless and comprehensive framework for improving the disaster resilience of the campus community. For more information on the program, click here.

Drugs and alcohol on campus

The manufacture, distribution, possession or use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession, use or distribution of alcoholic beverages on university property or as part of its activities is prohibited. For more information on drugs and alcohol on campus, click here.

Weapons on campus

Under the Washington University Policy on Weapons, Explosives or Fireworks, the possession, storage or use of firearms, knives, ammunition and other dangerous weapons is prohibited on all University property as specified in the policy.

Missing student notification policy and procedure

Washington University has established a Missing Student Notification Policy and Procedure. For more information on the notification process, click here.


For a list of services provided by the Protective Services group, click here.

Campus Security Compliance Act

The data and statistics presented on this site are part of the Medical School’s response to the Campus Security Act, which requires universities to collect and disseminate campus crime statistics and related information. For more information on this act, click here.

General security tips

For general security tips about security inside buildings, security outside buildings, identify theft and additional tips, please click here.