Fathers Before Anything

LaJuan Shegog is many things. He is a father, the founder and operator of his own non-profit organization, an inspirational member of the community, and a custodian for OFMD to name a few.
LaJuan Shegog received the OFMD’s Community Outreach award in recognition of his contribution to the community for his efforts with Fathers Before Anything, Inc. (FBA) and was recently featured in VoyageSTL.
LaJuan founded Fathers Before Anything Inc., a non-profit, from a thought he had one day surrounding his father who committed suicide early in LaJuan’s life. The thoughts and questions about the incident led him to create the organization in 2019.
The goal of the organization stems from LaJuan losing his father and knowing how important it is for fathers to put their children before anything. The goal is to get fathers involved in their kids’ lives. He has also expanded his outreach to mothers as well after many became interested in what he was doing. For him, this program is about putting your children before suicide, alcohol, drugs, gangs, and incarceration.

The mission is to uplift, spread love and be a positive figure in the community. “I have hosted diaper drives along with receiving donations for new shoes to give to kids in school. I simply wanted to be a positive person for my community by blessing people with assistance,” commented LaJuan Shegog.
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