McDonnell Pediatrics Research Building (MPRB) roof replacement starts March 27th

On March 27th, Kirberg Roofing will begin the roof replacement project at the McDonnell Pediatrics Research Building (MPRB). The project’s substantial completion date is July 17th. The work is scheduled for Monday – Friday 7 am – 3:30 pm. Please expect noise and vibration in the building (mostly upper floors) at that time. For any […]

Postponed-The Central West End MetroLink Station closure

Due to the weather forcast for Sunday, the project to apply a surface coating to the Central West End MetroLink station has been postponed. It has not been rescheduled at this time. Due to this project, the Central West End MetroLink Station will be closed Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24. For more information […]

Duncan Taylor Garage renovations resume and closes the south stairwell

Renovations resumed to the south stairwell in the Duncan Taylor Garage. During this time, the south stairwell will not be available for use. The north stairwell and all elevators are available for use. Barnes-Jewish Hospital is anticipating the construction will be completed by the end of December. For any questions, please contact Director of Facilities […]

Clayton & Taylor Avenue sidewalks update

Tuesday, October 19th through October 22nd, workers will demolish the sidewalks and section 3 in the diagram, the west drive lane and the sidewalk at Barnes Lodge will be poured back. For any questions, please contact Engineering Project Manager, Antwoine Feaman.

Wohl Circle Temporary Closure

Wohl Circle will be closed to thru traffic and parking October 30-31. Wohl circle will be closed from Saturday, October 30th starting at 4pm through Sunday, October 31st at 5pm to complete a crane pick for the air handling unite replacement in progress on the fifth floor of Wohl Hospital. This work is weather dependent […]

Parking cancellations

For parking cancellations to take effect in the current month, they would need to be received by the third of the month. Requests after the third would be processed in the subsequent month. Please fill these out carefully. Cancellations cannot be processed without a completed cancellation form, and all outstanding permits and access cards returned […]