Olin Residence Hall, 4550 Scott Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110, was the on-campus housing facility for students of Washington University School of Medicine until about August 2018, when it was converted into office space and temporary quarters.

Olin Hall is equipped with multiple fire protection systems to ensure occupant safety. Smoke detectors with fire alarm voice evacuation safeguard all dorm rooms and hallways. Sprinklers protect the first, second, and third floors. A kitchen ventilation system exhausts cooking smoke from designated food preparation areas. Smoke and heat detection equipment protect the building’s mechanical rooms. Each floor has a fire hose cabinet for use by fire department personnel in the event of an actual fire in the building.

With the exception of microwave ovens, no cooking appliances were permitted in dorm rooms. Electronic heating appliances, including space heaters, were also prohibited. The burning of candles was discouraged but not prohibited.

When students resided in Olin Hall, fire drills were conducted quarterly with a minimum of four drills per year. Emergency Management and/or Protective Services provided fire training prior to quarterly drills.

In the event of an actual fire emergency, temporary residents and employees of Olin Hall should immediately evacuate the building as follows. Walk to the nearest stairwell and proceed downstairs to the first floor (provided it is safe to do so). Continue south through the Shell Café and exit the building. The Olin Residence Hall’s Emergency Assembly Point is the grassy area south of the building (McKinley Ave side).

The Clery Act mandates that colleges and universities maintain and publish a three-year log of all fires in student housing.

Fire Log

June 3, 2020 | 7:45 p.m.

Report No.:                    200600263

Date/Time Occurred:      June 3, 2020, 7:45 p.m.

Date Reported:                June 3, 2020

Location:                         Room 207, The Core Apartment Residences, 818 South Euclid Ave.   

Synopsis:                         Two residents burned popcorn in a microwave oven.  The bag and its contents began to smolder.

Disposition/Damage:       A resident used a fire extinguisher from the hallway to put out the fire.  No damage was reported.