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Report No. 201200499 (Protective Services Incident), 20-055038 (SLMPD Report)

Unlawful Possession of Weapon/Tampering
Date & Time Occurred: 12/6/2020 6:24 pm
Date & Reported: 12/06/2020 6:24 pm
Location: Euclid Meters Parking Lot, 818 Core Residence Apartments, McKinley Ave.
Synopsis: A Protective Services communications officer, who was monitoring CCTV surveillance footage, dispatched Protective Services officers to the 818 Core Residence Apartments upon seeing a subject attempting to enter vehicles on the lot as well as attempting to enter the building. Officers made contact with the subject who feigned compliance before fleeing on foot. An officer pursued the subject on foot. The officer caught up with the subject on McKinley Ave. at which time a physical altercation ensued as the officer attempted to make the arrest. During the altercation, the subject tried to retrieve a handgun that was in the subject’s pocket. The officer obtained control over the subject’s hand and the weapon. Additional officers arrived on scene and the subject was placed in handcuffs. A subsequent search produced a second handgun in the subjects belongings. The subject reported buying the weapons at a pawn shop but admitted to being on parole, and as such, was not allowed to possess any firearms. The SLMPD reported to the scene and took custody of the subject. The subject’s parole officer was notified.
Disposition: Referred to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Judicial Disposition Unknown.