Parking TypeFY23FY24FY25
Surface Lots*$90$92$94
Clayton Garage$82$84$86
Duncan Garage**$86$88$90
Metro Garage$98$101$104
Neuroscience Research Building Garage***N/A$102$105
WUSM Tier I (Laclede Garage or Plaza Garage)$170$175$180
Reserved (Grandfathered parkers only)$185$191$197
Kingshighway Lot (Building Occupant)$0$0$0
Kingshighway Lot (Remote Parker)$0$0$0
Electric Vehicles (Pooled Reserved) in Clayton Garage$117$120$123
Electric Vehicles (Pooled Reserved) in NRB Garage***N/A$137$140
* Includes Cortex and @4240 parking. Please note that paper flyers are not permitted on any surface lot in visitor, patients, or unreserved parking spaces.
** Includes SLCH Employee Garage.
***Opening in July 2023