There are eight main sequential phases to the integrated project delivery method:

  1. Conceptualization phase (programming and conceptual planning), including thorough review of infrastructure, renewal needs (existing space or utilities) and initial cost estimating
  2. Criteria design phase (schematic design)
  3. Detailed design phase (expanded design development);
  4. Implementation documents phase (construction documents)
  5. Drawing review
  6. Construction phase
  7. Close-out
  8. Ownership, management and stewardship (transition and management)

We are working together to develop and implement a project delivery process to service as a road map for successful design quality, cost, schedule and quality performance on projects. The process and supporting tools are created to enable Capital Projects to provide high quality service to its customers, stakeholders and the University. We will provide a balanced, systemic approach to planning and delivering construction/renovation projects and will incorporate project management best practices.